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audio recording with the Nokia 8, clipping when the audio input is at high levels


does anyone have experience with recording a loud concert or a saturated musical input like a car stereo with the Nokia 8? did you notice any clipping of the sound input or the audio came out clean and well preserved? I ask because I read that the Nokia 8 does clip when recording in loud environments, I heard it from some person, I would like to have other people experience with it please. also since there is NO gain control over the microphones (unlike the LG V30, G6, V20 Etc...) there is no way to control how much goes to these microphones, when do you think Nokia will add this feature or a dedicated sound recording app with this feature?

thank you very much any information would be useful!

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Since five months have passed since this was posted I assume an answer was given... However, I would point out that no clipping is evident in my recordings of samba percussion instruments being played very loud indoors and out recorded very close.

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 thank you Hughmnyksj can you please share how do you make the recordings? do you make a movie and then extract the audio out of it?

and if you agree could you please share with me the actual acoustic instruments recordings?

thank you very very much!

- Paddy

Anything I've recorded in very loud environments has come out just fine, it seems to be handle high sound pressure levels really well. Far better than any other phone I've ever had. The only thing that lets this device down is the f2.0 camera, it would be near perfect if it wasn't for that.

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thank you user1507208628483

can you please mentionw hich phones you tried before for comparison?

can you share some of your recordings on youtube or another site?

thanks again

I had a Samsung Galaxy S4 before I had the Nokia 8 and it couldn't handle the sound pressure levels the Nokia 8 can, it's live audio recording features are very impressive. I'm a mobile DJ and I will link a YouTube clip to a Christmas Party where I was playing through a 4kw sound system which was in close proximity to me, the sound pressure levels were really high. To hear anybody you would have to shout in their ears, yet the Nokia 8 manages to record the audio just fine and still manage to pick up some conversations on the dancefloor, something no other phone I've had could ever achieve. It such a shame the camera let's it down especially in low light, so sorry for the poor video quality.

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Paddy I actually wanted both the video and sound, so I haven't extracted the music yet. I have extracted sound to mp3 using Pinnacle Studio Pro on an iPad mini 4. Quite a complicated process and not by choice. This footage was owls, recorded outdoors. At the other end of the scale, although they come across loud and clear, other sounds - particularly those from the rear mic - are partially indistinct. My experiments will continue...

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user1507208628483 yes impressive result I agree thank you for sharing! can I please watch more of your recordings with it?

Hughmnyksj thank you, could you share please some of your recordings? it really helps!

If you look at my other videos via YouTube you will find some more.

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