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Applications closing in background

Even if the application is active it closes in the background. This way they can say they optimized that 2 GB ram to run better. Stay away from this phone, stay away from Nokia until they solve their software problem. I know it's bare Android but even so with each update you get more problems. Does anyone know if there is a way to lock the app? I don't care about the battery I just need one app to constantly running without turning off.

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I've spoken to HMD support and they now say that they are aware of the issue, and are hoping to address it in a future patch... We'll see.

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Yes, as soon as an application goes into the background it is closed. So if you click on a link in an email it opens in the browser. If you then press the back button you have to wait for the email app to restart. This is not standard Android behaviour and it is not good.

Nokia's manifesto is to provide stock Android and what we have is a modified version. I sure hope the Nokia 8 does not do this!

Can I ask that this misstep is corrected and that the standard Android behaviour is restored? Please Nokia.

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I'm going to bump this as the Mods have not picked this up and got an answer for us.

This really is a debilitating fault that needs an urgent fix.

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I am also having the same issue with the Nokia 5 (TA-1024) Android 7.1.2. The phone is kills all background tasks apart from the app which is currently on screen.

This causes major issues for me:

WhatsApp backup: the backup stalls if you move away from the WhatsApp app, instead of continuing in the background as it should.

Photos app backup (google photos): The backup of photos does not happen until you bring the app up on screen.

Barclays Banking (Contactless Payments) - requires the app to run constantly in the background in order to initiate payment via NFC. There should be a persistent notification the shows the phone is ready to take payments. However, the notification (and the ability to make payments) is lost as soon as another app is started.

Viewing a site in chrome, then going to the homescreen, then going back to chrome forces the site to reload, rather than it being kept in memory.

1GB RAM Android phones can keep apps in memory, so why can't the Nokia 5?

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I am having the same issue. Apps are being closed in the background as soon as they are off screen.  They are available in multi-tasking, but moving between apps always forces them to reload.

Restarting the phone fixes the issue for a short period, but it soon returns. (TA1024 Android 7.1.2)

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Having the same exact problem, gets annoying fast while multitasking....
i'm also facing the same problem. problem fixes temporarily after restart, but problem occurs again after few days. android is cleaning cached data for background processes as soon as i leave process in background, although around 700 mb ram is free.

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Hi all! 

Thanks a lot for your feedback. 

This in an interesting point that us mods had to look into a little more closely to verify how it works in practice. We found that when you press the back key, the app closes in the background. However, if you press the home button, the app stays open in the background and does not "refresh" when you return to it.

Do let us know if this helps!

Have a wonderful day,

Anna (Moderator) 

Anna (Moderator), thanks for your reply. but i'm facing problem when i press home button to keep app in background. 4 to 5 days after restart, you even cann't switch between only 2 apps running in background. when you switch between two apps using recent apps button only, it keeps refreshing app data from scratch for both apps.

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Hello Anna,

thanks for the reply, but alas it isn't a simple "you're holding it wrong" situation. This issue was introduced in the 7.1.2 update (as the feedback dates regarding that problem indicates in this forum too).

After booting the device the first hours are fine, but it deteriorates from that point on. After two days apps are just not kept in memory anymore, no matter how you switch between them. I see 500 MB free memory idling without being used. After four days system services begin to restart constantly in the background and the phone starts to exhibit erratic behaviour.

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Hi Anna. Unfortunately this is not the case on my device. All background apps are closing whether they are backed out with the back key, or by using the home key. For example, I have Skype open at the moment, with no other apps in my recent a list. Tapping the home button, then going to multi-tasking to go back to Skype, the app loads from scratch. This is also affecting background processes on my handset, such as Google photo uploads, WhatsApp backups and Barclays contactless payments. They will only work if the apps are in the foreground. The behaviour is fixed by restarting the handset, but after a short amount of time the problem re-occurs, requiring the handset to be restarted again for proper memory management.
Anna , the problem is that you and your live chat give us some funny answers found online that you think might pull the users off. It's not about the buttons, whether someone presses this or that, it's about the way it should work. Your live chat say that it's the phone company problem, Google problem, anyone but yours. Thanks for your help but please don't help up like that. Go to the developers and tell them people are having big problems with this and that. Don't just post because you feel like it. This problem has been around since the 7.0.1 and you've ignored it since the phone started selling.

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Hi Anna, thanks for looking into this. I'm afraid my experience has been the same as already described by the other responders.

I think Nokia is going to have to go back to the drawing board with 7.1.2. Clearly no one in development lived with this build for any length of time before it was released.

Hello Anna, thanks for investigating the issue. Unfortunately using the Home button instead of the Back button will not fix the problem. Lets say I perform the steps below:

1. Open App1

2. Go to home screen via Home button

3. Open App2

4. Go to home screen via Home button

5. Open App1

When I open App1, the app loads as if it was not loaded in the memory (or as if I load apps after I rebooted the phone). This is an annoying issue which makes multitasking difficult, do you know if this issue is already acknowledged by Nokia and already in investigation?

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Agreed, this is a bug in the operating system by Nokia. I bought the phone 2 weeks ago and have been waiting for the November update to see if it is fixed before returning my phone. Responses like the one from Anna which don't even acknowledge the problem don't give me much confidence though. Regards Geoff

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