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Screen has cyan tint - needs white balance adjustment

The display on the Nokia 6 has a strong cyan tint, which produces unrealistic colors and bluish whites. This problem can easily be fixed by adding a color temperature adjustment functionality. That will not only improve the user experience of the existing Nokia 6 users, but also appeal more to future potential customers. Here's an excerpt from a Gsmarena review which strongly resonates with my request "The global variant doesn't have any display modes or color temperature sliders, and in its single pre-defined setting manages an average DeltaE of 7.2 with a maximum of 11.7 for white - white is strongly shifted towards cyan. The Chinese version has three modes, and, when set to Warm, can reproduce the sRGB color space with a DeltaE of 3.3 and reasonably accurate whites, which is something we appreciate."

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This: "The display on the Nokia 6 has a strong cyan tint, which produces unrealistic colors and bluish whites."  is absolutely a false statement, double folded so. 

I have seen tens of Nokia 6 phones, they all have had very neutral, natural whites. None of them had not any kind of tint either.

As long as the LCD and other flat screen technologies have existed it has been so that a tint of a display is not related, in any way, to the white point of the display,  this is due o the fact that software based color-management is absolutely required with these technologies.

In the early color TVs that had CRT tubes (and obviously no software based color-management) the tint could, but not necessarily did, relate to the white point but it would then result the complementary color that in case of cyan is green, not blue. In those CRT driver there are two main controls, the gain and the gamma. Both can affect to the tint, only gain affects to the white-point.

Your claim that the statement made by the OP is false is FALSE

You might have a different term on "natural whites"...

Try examining a monitor with sRGB option, and see how it compares to the "whites" that are displayed on the Nokia 6.


sRGB option on Developer Options doesn't work!

With the introduction of night mode in oreo, I have found a temporary workaround. You set the night mode to always and adjust the white balance to your liking. At around 20% intensity, it improves the color accuracy quite a bit. You'll see the biggest difference in whites (icy, bluish to more neutral) and yellow (dead greenish,yellow to yellow).

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