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App restart from recent menu

Hi, I have notice that the app restart from recent menu. It doesn't open in its original state where it left. Suppose I have open facebook app. I have activated two factor varification. During login I received OTP & IF I close Facebook app through home menu to see OTP in messaging app & than reopen Facebook app from recent menu it doesn't open in its original state where it left. The app restart. I have noticed same with some banking application also. I am using another android device with same OS version where I don't found the same issue. Dose some one notice same?

Hello, I also notice multitasking doesn't work very well on the phone unless I restart the phone. After restart it will multitask for a while. Problem isn't caused by free RAM as the system says I have plenty available. I thought/hoped it was a bug in 7.1.2 and would be fixed shortly?

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Nah 7.1.2 is even worst than previous build. The worst thing is when I go to live chat all they say is that it's application issue and developers. Then when I explain that it's not they say it's Google's fault. It's like they didn't build anything just a phone, yet other phones that we use for my business don't have the same problem.
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