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Nokia 8 Dual-SIM model number

Can someone please tell me the exact model number of the Dual-SIM Nokia 8 which is sold directly from Nokia in Germany? Is it TA-1052? Is it the same as sold in United Arab Emirates or a different one? Many thanks in advance!

As I know the model for Europe is TA-1004, this I take it official from Orange Romania. Take a look here:

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Mine is dual sim. (dual sim or 1 sim and 1 memory card - hybrid slot). TA-1004 is the one sold in Sweden and its normally is the same in Germany.

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Thanks for your quick replies, swejuggalo and Florin! Now I can be sure to watch out for TA-1004 in order to get the right Dual-SIM Nokia 8 for European market supporting the right LTE bands/frequencies. I will check at Dubai Duty Free shop, if it is a TA-1004 and buy it at a good price.
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