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Hello Guys,

HMD promises to customer given Android 8.0 on end of OCT-2017 but still no any update about stable version.

Customers still focus on beta version????

Best Answer
In the beta version, The camera app has also become very sluggish and freezes a lot . Screen rotation also causes the phone to freeze

If you want Oreo now, why not join the beta labs and become a beta tester. I have the Oreo Beta on my device and have found it to be very stable, it's certainly fine for a daily driver, it doesn't appear to have any real show stopper bugs that I've encountered. So why not join the beta program and help to test it, report any bugs you might find and help Nokia get a nice stable bug free release out for everyone?
I think we All Will love to see an final build in last oktober, but only got a beta. Too bad. Maybe its oktober 2018 we see final build 
You want the update when it is right not when it is quick if you want stable. If you want quick then just enrol on the beta program and stop moaning.
Im in the beta 
Beta still have many problems starting on dual SIM from operator name and IMEI confusion (show from sim1 to sim2 and vice-versa. I try again Oreo beta but I see no changes in more than 1week. Was nice if they release update faster to see if they really fix this bugs, not to keep final release and to discover same bugs.


Thanks for your valuable feedback Florin. We're looking into the sim1/sim2 issue at the moment to avoid this kind of confusion in the future. 

Have a great day!
Anna (Moderator)


In the beta version, The camera app has also become very sluggish and freezes a lot . Screen rotation also causes the phone to freeze
No different to Nougat then regarding the camera app, it's very buggy full stop. The camera app really does need some work, but from what I've been reading elsewhere, the Lumia camera app and interface is coming to Android. I've not noticed any screen rotation issues with my device on the Oreo Beta.

Lots of bug i face in beta version....
as example:- 

sensor not work proper and some times home button not read figure perfectly and take long time for unlock phone.

Whatsapp also not given notifications or not delivered timely a massage.

when i open a app then received all msgs same time.

Camera also not given best result in low light! 


Hi community members!

Thanks for taking part in beta labs, we really appreciate your insights and feedback! Just to remind you that while the beta labs forum is a place for discussion and sharing experiences, all feedback should be reported via the Feedback App.

Have a wonderful day! 
Anna (Moderator) 

With the fingerprint reader you may need to add your fingerprint again and delete the old one. When you add it again make sure you try and get all the bits of your finger scanned, you should find it's then very reliable. With apps like WhatsApp Nougat and Oreo have a feature that puts apps to sleep if if you haven't used them for a while. You don't want that to happen with messaging and email apps, so you need to add them to the whitelist so it doesn't optimise them. I believe you will find this in the battery settings. If you do this you should receive all your alerts when you should. The camera app is just as buggy in Nougat, it's no different at all. My suggestion is to report all your issues via the feedback app so it helps to get them sorted out. The more of us who use the beta, the faster the bugs are going to be found. If only a small number of us are using it, it will take longer to find them all. If the beta really isn't for you, you can always go back to Nougat.


Will be nice if we can be informed about the evolution of Oreo Beta and if is possible to receive frequent update with bugs fixed. If Nokia fix but keep that without release any update we can not continue to test and to see if that bugs are really fixed. I hope you consider my suggestion and we will receive new build with fix before official release.


Sony and Huawei have already updated their phones to full Android 8 Oreo! I like the idea of Nokia's Beta to iron out bugs, but only if Nokia is listening to us and making changes, they need to prove this to us with a change log! Nokia really needs to be better to stay competitive.

 I am very happy with my N8 screen quality, build quality and camera quality (it's not the fastest focus but there are even worse phones out there), only unhappy with audio quality and the fact that even though Nokia only have stock android that Sony still beats Nokia with update, and with more useful software features than just stock android.

 I agree with the things TRANCE wrote above, Sony is faster than Nokia faster to update and faster with it's rom performance despite it not being STOCK, so what is the advantage of stock anymore? Nokia claims here that they do not want to develop applications (like audio recorder that utilizes the OZO setup or radio) in order to keep it stock and help with quicker updates, yet Sony managed to supply useful applications with the rom and keep with FASTER updates and faster user performance than the pure Nokia 8, so how do they manage that? also much more customization options in the Sony rom which can make your phone look more personal, Nokia doesn't do that because they want to be stock but one asks again so what's the benefits of stock? again Sony is faster in performance and updates. another point someone mentioned here in the forums that Nokia should make use of the new substratum features under Oreo in order to enable customization WITHOUT adding a skin to the pure android, why not? I didn't see a Niokia representative actually addressing this suggestion, also I wasn't impressed with the answer which was given about the FM radio, people don't want an application they wanted a radio which works without data, I'm worried that the people in charge of thiese forums here don't take the customers suggestions seriously, I may be wrong and would like to actually see a professional response here from a moderator, someone who has the technical knowledge AND the ability to understand what the people talk about AND have the power to actually infulence and make changes in the Nokia ecosystem,

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