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Oct patch + 7.1.2 TA-1033 UK Nokia 6 UPDATE PRO TIP

Hi, pro tip for those still waiting for Oct patch + 7.1.2 TA-1033 UK Nokia 6. 
Swap out your sim for other carriers sims and see if you get update.

I can only assume there's some barrier in Android OS that allows carriers to block updates.

I was on 3 UK and did not get my Oct patch + 7.1.2 TA-1033 UK Nokia 6 update until TODAY, and that was when I swapped out sims (to GiffGaff) but i hear O2 is a good one too.

Let us know if this helps! ;D

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 ordered a free giffgaff sim(o2) the weekend, fitted it today into my TA-1033 Nokia6, and the october update was available instantly. After installing replaced with my EE sim, all good. cheers.

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