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Micro SD as internal space

Why can't I use the 8gb microSD card in my Nokia 8 phone as internal space? In other words, I cannot save directly or transfer from phone's internal memory any app to SD card ???

 Could someone from Nokia please answer? This SD-card issue on Nokia 8 is not an issue on Nokia 5. Why is it like this. There is no mention on this in the users guide.

 I asked support this very question today. It is because of hardware. It is possible on e.g Nokia 5, nut not on Nokia 8. I also gave feedback on that it is wrong in the user guide. You can not move apps to SD card.

I can not do it either... It is possible to unblock the bootloader in developer options however. Someone who knows what he is doing might be able to do something with the SD card there.
Same issue, just wasted £30 on an SD card tat won't work as internal storage, despite Nokia user guide saying it can under 'How do I install a MicroSD card?' Feeling a bit aggrieved....any response Nokia?

 please Nokia, activated this option

 Just bought Nokia 8 after reading this thread I seriously wish I hadn't, spent £80+ for a 256gb sd card and all I can do is store media on it, unbelievable. Nokia Supports answer was even more unbelievable "you haven't be able to set a sd card to Internal Memory since the Nokia 3 - BECAUSE - doing so damages the phones"

 Nokia in the past were known for reliability etc, now they cannot answer a question properly, seem to be going the same way as Microsoft, ripping customers off and no care for their loyal customers. Add to all this the support page FAQS still to this date is telling you how to set the sd card to "Internal Storage"  !!!


Yes, we are your loyal customer. I've still using my Nokia E71. It gaves me no trouble, that's why I decided to buy this Nokia 8. Please, address this problem.


said about 13 hours ago  Just bought Nokia 8 after reading this thread I seriously wish I hadn't, spent £80+ for a 256gb sd card and all I can do is store media on it, unbelievable.

Yup all you can do is store media on it, however you can transfer all that media at your leisure thanks to the SD Card not being encrypted.

Thing is even if you could set the SD Card as internal storage the phone wouldn't use it automatically until you had used up all the available of internal and much faster memory anyway.

Just set all the apps that save to storage such as the camera, Google Maps, Play Music, Play Movies & TV etc. to use the SD Card by default and you will not be wasting the phones internal space then and you'll have around 50GB for apps presuming you bought a 64GB model.

Mr Belter, the point you are missing is I bought the phone thinking I would be able to set the SD card as PER THEIR SUPPORT PAGE, FAQs. Thanks for the storage advice, I had already done that. My gripe is about the misrepresentation of the capabilities of the phone and that I would not have bought if I had known it's TRUE capabilities.

In which case you have grounds to return the Nokia 8 for a full refund as you have been misled regarding a specific function which influenced your purchase decision or have you wasted that much time moaning on forums about it you are now passed the return date?

Why anyone would need over 300GB of app storage working at a much slower pace while putting their faith in a storage solution which is nowhere near as robust as the internal storage is beyond me i must be honest.

Mr Belter what you require from a phone does not have to match my requirements or visa versa. As for " moaning" on this forum, then that is my right to do so. Are you employed by Nokia or is this your normal given attitude, no need to answer as I have read your replies to others on various subjects! Thanks for the put downs but I do not think you have anything further that would be of interest to me, thank you anyway for your time.

As i said you have (or had) grounds to return the phone with consumer law fully on your side, it has been your choice not to do so and you have taken to, er, hang on let me be more tactful about this express your opinions publicly as to how Nokia have mislead you with misinformation whilst taking no action to rectify the problem.

BTW fully and whole heartily agree it is your right to have a good moan but you had the power to change things.

I have the same issue, got the Nokia 8, purely for the fact you could have a 256gb SD card. Is there plans to sort it out in the next update? I have spent literally all day copying stuff from my PC to my card, only for them to disappear. So frustrating.
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