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Micro SD as internal space

Why can't I use the 8gb microSD card in my Nokia 8 phone as internal space? In other words, I cannot save directly or transfer from phone's internal memory any app to SD card ???

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 Could someone from Nokia please answer? This SD-card issue on Nokia 8 is not an issue on Nokia 5. Why is it like this. There is no mention on this in the users guide.

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 I asked support this very question today. It is because of hardware. It is possible on e.g Nokia 5, nut not on Nokia 8. I also gave feedback on that it is wrong in the user guide. You can not move apps to SD card.

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I can not do it either... It is possible to unblock the bootloader in developer options however. Someone who knows what he is doing might be able to do something with the SD card there.
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