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Microphone not working properly while making video calls


I wonder if anybody's having the same problem as I do.

I recently bought the Nokia 6, and I love it, apart from the fact that I can't do video calls properly. Which is a real nuisance for me because I do video calling a lot. Voice calls work fine, though.

Whenever I make a video call and hold the phone approx. 25 - 30 cm in front of me, people can't hear me clearly. Using Google Duo, people say that I'm way too silent, and on Skype I'm muffled.

Tech Wizard

First please make sure nothing blocks the two microphones on the phone? - One at the bottom next to the USB socket, and one on the back next to the camera.

Thank you hpholm for your answer!

Unfortunately that is not the source of my problem as I made sure not to cover the two microphones in any way.

Tech Wizard

Do voice calls on loudspeaker work correctly?

(To try rule out programming mistakes in Skype and Duo).

I'm afraid the next step is a visit to a Care Point, or to the place of purchase if you are in Europe, for proper evaluation by a technician.



I am also having same problem
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