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Nokia 8 fails when shooting RAW (DNG)

Hello, before I go to the real issue I want to commend the overall experience with Nokia 8 is impressive. But I am disappointed with its camera bug (I think it is).

Whenever I captured image in RAW mode, the color smears, some part are monochrome some part are colored. I think the suspect is that the DNG uses both of phone's camera sensors when capturing in RAW mode and that caused this problem. I know that this phone can't shoot really well compared to other flagships, but please fix the RAW/DNG capture so I can do better post-processing. I tried to take the RAW pics in lightroom mobile and footej camera, these two apps produce same color smeared DNG file. I conclude, the problem is not with the apps, but with the RAW capturing API provided from Nokia.

This is the sample picture that I took from my phone:

And this is other people's video from the internet (using Nokia 6 btw) that has the same color smearing problem:

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Hi there!

The problem is settings of Color (chroma) noise reduction in the Lightroom. Set value 0(recommended) to 2 and enjoy! And I advise to use Lightroom Mobile of ProShot for capture images and Snapseed right on your phone for DNG processing. Snapseed is really best.

Best regards.

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