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Option to change resolution (from 1080p to 720p) & Manual EQ with bass boost

It would be really helpful to add an an option for display setting to lower it to 720p. Since SD430 is no powerhouse and already running the max resolution it can handle. it would be wise to add an option to lower to overall resolution to boost the performance a little bit. As well as Manual Equalizer to fully customize the sound that we want to hear, aside form Dobly.

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If Nokia add this to next Android update , it's very cool but Nokia love close anything like bootloader to give you in jail .. If we can root Nokia device it is easy possible to change resolution..
Ya, this is a basic need that every user wants. As a PC user in Windows we have this option simply. I wonder why that android developers don't work in this simple things. But, i hope Nokia would do this. I will wait for some time for Nokia to fix this, else I will root my mobile. And I will never buy mobiles anymore. My requirement : I got low power GPU, so I need to low my resolution to play games in 60fps. So please guys work on this. Then i will recommend your brand to my friends happily. Few people confusing me on DPI in other websites. I want to say them with angry face that " DPI is not resolution, both are different things. Pls, don't confuse others "
SD 430 has Adreno 505 which is good enough for 1080p mid setting gaming.
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