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Hello everybody, 

I bought Nokia 6 recently, The phone was working fine after purchase but i noticed that the phone is lagging and freezing a a lot after recent updation in the phone software.

The Phone App stops frequently. My call history shows Nothing in such a case.

Force Stopping the Android System and System UI makes the phone back to its original speed but only for a while. 

Restarting the phone is not exactly a troubleshooting measure. 

Please share any remedies available and spread this message so that Nokia comes with a solution for this.


Hi user1509908568305!

Sorry to hear this. To make sure you get the help you need and that your issue gets recorded in as much detail as possible, I would recommend taking your phone to your nearest care point. You can use our care locator service, or if you're in Europe, you can simply take your phone to the shop or operator you bought it from. 

Hope you get to enjoy your new Nokia 6 without hiccups soon!

Anna (Moderator) 

Hi Satish here Using Nokia 6 . Have been using it since. 4 months now.. even I am facing app crashes issues starting it was with Google app and now it is with the chrome.. this time chrome is freezing my phone completely. It irritates, the Nokia care people here in Bangalore tell me that these problems will come if iam using internet more, then why did I even purchase a Nokia phone for?? After service in Nokia sucks.. Literally feel the worst mistake of life by choosing Nokia again. I should slap my self harder for doing this.. u Nokia is waste of time !!
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