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Not fair

Nokia has done it wrong to its consumer by relaunching Nokia 5 in another variant of 3gb ram......... really a painful news for those who had already purchased it...

I agree, I want 3gb RAM version too, but I don't have another 189€ (or even more) to spend

Tech Wizard

Agreed. There was speculation about 3GB version initially. But we bought the phones as soon as they came out. We ought to blame ourselves for being fans of Nokia :D

Really sad news, Nokia should launch exchange offer for 2 GB to 3 GB version.
This 3GB variant is a punch in the stomach for everyone that bought the 2GB version. Low move indeed.


Yeah. Really disappointed with Nokia right now. Hardcore fans, like me, who wanted to try out new Nokia were punched in a stomach. HARD.

I feel really disappointed.

But I guess it's even worse if you've bought Nokia 6 just for more RAM. That cost a lot more and there's Nokia 5 3GB variant that costs same as original one.

Tech Wizard

Calm down guys!
Its just a new variant of phone with more RAM (No change in internal storage). Be glad it wasn't a processor upgrade! :p
Like hardcore fans, we chose to buy the phone we thought was best as soon as it was out.
Glad they saw the need for a 3GB variant !

OP3 and OP3T was a  'Flagship' example where a better phone came out within months and truly annoying the fan base.

Nokia 6 on the other hand has a higher resolution Camera , Higher screen resolution, Extra memory and Dolby Digital Sound which could justify the higher cost.

I bought that too.... Nokia 6.... since it's spec's are quiet better in terms of sound and display........but Nokia really punched us... I am confused whether to have a update to Oreo?..... I think the main reason for relaunching it's new variant was because of its compatibility to Oreo update.

 What is really annoying about this is that the price that they were selling was more than good to ship the model with 3GB in the first place, but now they are going to launch after for cheaper... And more, when you see all the other specs of this phone you can obvious see that it isnt a flaship of any kind, but you can see also that you will get limited hard by the ram.  Also since last update 7.1.2 memory management is worse than before, because even with free ram some apps will reload, when before they wouldn't. (at least after 7.1.2 update the ram usage of the system was reduce by 300MB.)

Usually I get a little bit salty when thing like this happen but this 3GB variant is like selling a car with 3 wheels and you see that isn't quite yet good, but because it's done you sell it anyway, but you know since the start that 4 wheels will work way better, and you will after that launch a cheaper version with everything fixed. For someone that is a fan of this brand on this price point is a complete lack of respect.

It's not the ram that p-isses me off. It's the price. I paid even more for 2GB version.

Tech Wizard

Agree on the overpriced for 2GB for initial buyers!

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