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Nokia 5 users should get upgrade option for the new Nokia 5 3GB RAM

Hi I think Nokia 5 2gb ram users should get an option to upgrade to 3gb variant as the performance of 2gb variant is not upto the Nokia reputation. Also, I am using Nokia phones since ages including 3 Nokia Lumia phones. I feel little disappointed with my Nokia 5s performance and display touch sensitive issue. Regards, Vivek

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Yea, I agree. I would LOVE to get 3gb RAM version without having to buy a whole new phone.

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 This 3GB variant is a punch in the stomach for everyone that bought the 2GB version, since at least for my use my main performance bottleneck is the ram. Switching between a browser and other apps causes most of the times a app refresh due the low amount of ram, beside that until this point in time is perfect, that 1GB would solve everything. A upgrade for a decent price for current owners would be the correct thing to do, because this markting move was low, but i doubt that it would happen, "too costly".

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Yes. I agree. Thats could be great.

3GB variant is Nokia 6

Yes, I will also ask the same as I am also facing the same issues which everyone discussing in other topic as well. Worst part is lagging too much on even to show the screen when use finger print to login.

That's a good point. If not discuss device. An internal hardware upgrade at reasonable price will certainly make good for business and customers as well Wish there is a chance

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