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"Add Icon To Home Screen" option missing after the oreo beta update

I have recently joined the Nokia 8 beta labs and upgraded to Android Oreo on my Nokia 8. Since then , I can see that the option "Add icon to homescreen" is missing either in Play Store settings or in the Settings app or in the Settings menu you get when you long press on the homescreen.

Is anyone facing the same ?

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 Look further down the threads, I have already listed this bug quite a while ago.

The point is missing, since Google moved this setting from the PlayStore Setting to the Homescreen Setting page, and there it is missing.

 I am completely disappointed.

I just received the official Oreo Update on my Nokia 8 and this Bug was not fixed.

I reported it immediately after joining the program very very early.

Nokia, you are NOT listening to Berta Testers!

Admittedly, I have only been running the Oreo update for a very short while but have to say, disappointed is an understatement. It appears that all requested features have been ignored, the bug mentioned here has not been addressed and, of course, the poor camera app remains the same. eBay hear I come. I just hope the price I can get for this device hasn't crashed by too much. I supported this device partly through nostalgia and partly due to the software promises but it has turned into a poor show from HMD. Sadly, goodbye.

As someone who works for a living in software development, I'd assume that rather than not listening to users they just have had to prioritize their list of bugs against what can be fixed in the quite limited amount of time between the beta and the current stable Oreo release, or release Oreo very much later.

This is all well and good however, we were lead to believe that Oreo would be released to the Nokia 8 before the end of October.

 Fully understand that you have to set priorities when fixing bugs, but this one here is a standard function from Google. Nothing special. The On/Off switch for the Add Icon has just moved to the Homescreen Setting page!

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