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Suspicious looking software update

 Just got the Nokia 8 today and after a couple updates through system updates and registering for (but not installing yet) he Orea Beta in Settings I've had another notification from an app called 'Software update' which has just downloaded file(s) in excess of 1GB. The grammar and sentences seem a bit off and since its not coming from the usual update space I'm a bit concerned about what to do.

Some further info:

System upgrade to 4330.B03

There is a small possibility of erasing user data caused by upgrade purpose.

Normal update can not be guaranteed after the device is rooted. If root contributes to abnormal use on the update process, the user should be responsible for it oneself.

What do I do?

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Hi Syed Ali!

Thanks for letting us know. I would advise you not to run the update. While it is legitimate, it is not something that you should be receiving at this time, and we're looking into why this happened on our end. In the meantime, it would be useful if you could kindly report it via the Feedback App as well.

Have a wonderful day,

Anna (Moderator) 

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