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GPRS / MMS setting

I am Deepak, writing in from India. Got a Nokia 8 and have an Airtel 4g GSM connection. For the past 2 days, I have received more than 100 messages from Airtel with the Provisioning message and setting for GPRS / MMS. They say it is not their problem and it is a handset issue. It's the handset that is repeatedly requesting for the setting. Everytime I get out of an elevator, I receive the message and setting. It is getting out of hand. I have declicked the Receive Service Message option from the SMS settings, still receiving it. Any solution?? Also when I started this handset, it said a system update was available for 300 odd mb. I downloaded it. Before I could install, it downloaded the same update again and installed it. 300 mb data down the drain.
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