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Nokia 8 : needs frequent NFC on/off to keep it working

With beta installed, I find that I have to on/off nfc setting to get it working. After a while, say next day, it no longer works and need to do on/off again. How's your yours?

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Same issue with bluetooth, but it needs to be reconnected several times a day....

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Same here. Each time I want to pay, I have to disable and enable NFC.

Android version: 8.0.0. December security updates.

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Yes, for me the same. Have disable-enable nfc to function again. Annoying bug. Ta-1012, December patch

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8.1 beta seems to have fixed. Managed to use Android Pay flawlessly for the first time today
Get the 8.1 beta, bluetooth and NFC are working perfectly in it. No audio drop outs with Bluetooth, all the little glitches I had appear to have been fixed, loving this firmware, phone runs better than ever.
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