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Issue with sound quality

I've been disappointed with the quality of sound, from both the top and bottom speakers, and in particular with what seems to be a noise gate issue. When I'm listening to a spoken-word podcast, any low-level background noise will be abruptly cut off as soon as someone stops speaking. Similarly (but less problematically), when I call someone and hear the ring tone, each ring ends in a very harsh, unpleasant way. I hope this is an issue with the way the sound is being processed rather than the speakers themselves, but I can't find a way to resolve it since there doesn't seem to be any access to the phone's audio settings.

 I have notice the same issue, sounds like a software problem that is just dont give a... I  hope that they fix the problem because for non music and for low audio reproduction the audio quality is horrible when compared with a reasonable amount of volume, this is the same speaker. They have a loft of  sharp edges to fix in the oreo update

Surprised no one else has had a problem with this, nor has it been picked up by any reviews I've read. Customer support have told me the issue's been logged by the development team, but given how long it's taken for the SMS issue to be resolved, I'm not hugely optimistic that it's going to make any difference. We shall see.

I got same issue with Nokia 6.is any one find solution.?
Has anyone had a chance to establish with customer support whether this is expected behaviour?

I spoke to customer support and they recommended I send my phone for repair, but I'm not convinced they actually knew and I don't want to send my phone away only for it to come back with the same problem. If it's expected behaviour, I'll live with it, but it would be nice to know for certain if there's something I can do to improve things.

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