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Ive noticed that the Nokia 8 seems to problems with the GPS. It is very sluggish and sometimes gets stuck or jumps wildly around. I'm playing locationbased games this really messes things up.

Problem is both with Android 7.x and the Android 8.x BETA.

Easiest way to notice the problem is to take a bus/tram and the GPS will go everywhere but where you are.

This has not been a problem with any other phone for the last 5 or 6 years.

Rebooting the phone seems to fix the issue for a awhile but the accuracy is still not on par even when comparing to 4-5 year old phones.

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I have the same issue. Did you get any help?

 I also have problems with the GPS on my Nokia 8. Sometimes it takes 30 minutes to get a fix. Sometimes it is faster, but even then if feels slower than phones I have had in the past. Using latest update (Android 7).

I have the same issue. Sometime I don't get my location.
No issues here with mine and I use GPS a lot for navigation. I'm on the Oreo beta but had no issues with nougat either. Perhaps your phone is faulty, I would speak to whoever you purchased it from and get an exchange.

No issues here either, N 8 on Oreo Beta, as above, phone must be faulty.

Faulty GPS at 2017 ... For me it is highly unlikely. Someone from Nokia watching this?
Don't rule out a faulty GPS or GPS antenna, the fact that other people are having no issues with the GPS on their devices would suggest this probably isn't a software issue. The op has tried both nougat and oreo and has issues with both. This suggests a hardware fault with the phone meaning it needs to be exchanged or repaired, with any device new or old things can go wrong with them. A modern smartphone is a complicated device, the issue could be a faulty component, bad solder joint or an internal antenna connection.

Since the problem goes away after a reboot i think this is a software issue. Im pretty sure many people dont use gps as much as i do (2-5h active gps everyday) so therefore the problem might not appear for other users.

I bought a Lumia 900 at the launch and it had a microphone issue, causing eco during the call, and this was corrected via software.

If a hardware is faulty, the problem persists no matter what. 

I could not live with this issue on such an expensive phone ( by expensive I mean 690 Euros on the 6Gb version ) so I returned the phone.  

This broke my heart, but I keep following Nokia and hopping for better products.


During the about two months I've had my Nokia 8 I have had any issues with GPS only once with either Nougat or the Oreo Beta (my location wouldn't update, had to reboot). I do play a location-based game (Ingress) daily and in this regard the phone has performed at least as well as my two previous phones (S4 Active and Galaxy J5 (2016)). So I wouldn't rule some kind of hardware issue with an individual phone out.

For me a reboot does not help. The phone usually sees plenty of satellites -10 to 20 -(tested with both gps fix and GPS Essentials apps) very fast, but often fails to get a fix. Also the gps looses it's fix often. I will try a factory reset at some point and lett u guys know if thay helps.
I honestly think you must have some fault with your phone, a factory reset is worth trying before returning it for another phone. I use GPS myself everyday for a couple of hours a day. It never has a problem getting a fix and it has never lost satellite reception using Google maps for navigation. I'm on the Oreo beta and it has worked flawlessly for me.

A lot of people here are just saying that "my phone is fine". Well, good for you, but if it fine how did you end up here, and how it helps who has a bad phone?

Still waiting for an answer from Nokia. 

 I did a factory reset. Did not install back all the apps I had (but most of them). So far the results seem promising, but I will have to test the GPS over a few days when actually navigating before knowing for sure.

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