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My nokia 6 is dead/Bad nokia support

   I bought my nokia 6 a month ago and i really like the phone. The design and the build quality are great. One day all of sudden the phone close and never open again. I was really disappointed because i was really enjoying my new phone. So i sent it to the nokia service in Greece where i am from. Today i get back my phone and it was a mess. It had glue everywhere and the screen was placed wrong. Also the touch screen is not always working. My new nokia phone came back like a mess. It was brand new when i sent it to them. They told me they just change the board. So they proposed to send it back so they can fix it. I am really afraid that this time it will be worse. So because i lost trust in the service here what should i do? Are we here in Greece doomed of a bad service? Do i deserve a phone replace?

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