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Battery problem in nokia6 7.1.2

Hello I have problem My Nokia 6 battery is quickly empty Especially when on standby My Android version 7.1.2 (TA-1021) Thanks

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Tech Wizard

Any hints what is draining the battery in Settings > Battery ?

Android 7.1.2 if anything it may have improved the standby time, and it got more options to keep apps from working in the background.

It only takes 1 aggressive or incompatible app to prevent the phone from hibernating and spoil the standby time.

Thanks for quick reply But after testing and disable all I have battery problem again It was just a little better When enabled, battery saver in 12 hours standby, I lost 60% Is this normal? ( I think my Nokia 5 works better than my Nokia 6 ) Thanks
Thanks for your support. l thank you for your fast and professional support and Nokia mobile care I treid your recommendations,my Nokia 6 battery is ok on standby mod I think i found out what the problem, when l turn on the 4g , standby mood 6 to 8 hours reduce, while when i turn it off, 16-20 hours it increases regresses on standby mood. My IMEI that you requested are: 356020089068777 356020089068785 thank you
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