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About old flagship

Have you any plans about Nokia's old flagship?

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Which old flagship do you mean? Any Nokia phone produced before 2017 is Microsoft's responsibility, unfortunately.

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You could check these addresses in, I know lots of the old Nokia phones website has been captured there.

Otherwise there are many websites of varying trustworthiness which you can find with some creative google searching. For example, just type in the name of the file you're looking for and see what you find.

You think I haven't tried Google before posting here?

I spent hours and hours. Most sites are just links to the old Nokia repos. It's amazing that Nokia could let this happen? 

The Classics are what made Nokia a Legend with business people.

Anyways, if you are viewing this and looking... try here;

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I didn't know if you'd tried an internet search or not, I was only trying to help. I'm glad you found some help elsewhere.

I put one of the filenames you gave in google (not the whole address, only the filename) and found this:

AFAIK that website has lots of old firmwares available.

Thanks for trying to help. 

Unfortunately that's one of the websites I was referring to. Full of dead links because the target [Nokia's Original Repos] no longer exists...

 > I'm glad you found some help elsewhere.

Lol - that's me - helping myself - and trying to help others who might come here.

Please Nokia - can you dig out your backups and put your repos back online?

Also, can you do a rebirth of the 6700 only with up to date software / mail / private messaging and the battery life of the 105 - thanks!

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> Also, can you do a rebirth of the 6700 only with up to date software / mail / private messaging and the battery life of the 105 - thanks!

That's a great request!

I didn't realise that about those links, I'll check more thoroughly next time.

There are also a lot of old Nokia classic fans with now limited handsets because the Nokia / MS debacle pulled the plug on domains and servers.

On my trusty X3-02 its impossible to use the stock email client because the initialisation fails due to lack of handshaking and there is no manual option.

Its such a shame that great handsets cannot be re-purposed further.

The throw away world driven by relentless and needless profit motivated change and a disregard for the planets resources - its a big problem and getting bigger.

Youtube: Peak mining & implications for natural resource management - Simon Michaux

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I FULLY agree. You make a lot of good points. Loads of old Nokia smartphones can't be used out of the box anymore because they can't be reconfigured to use available services. For the Symbian phones, it's appalling that Nokia never released the final Belle FP2/Refresh source code so that the community could continue to update these devices. Nokia did this for Maemo and MeeGo Harmattan to a certain extent which has allowed the owners of those devices to keep using them and also allowed Jolla to continue development with the Sailfish OS.

Now, even older Lumia devices are being forgotten. The Lumia 2520 images aren't available anymore so they cannot be recovered if the OS gets corrupted. I don't know exactly the status for Windows Mobile 7 Lumias but I imagine it's similar.

The fact that so many working electronic devices get thrown away just because they've got built-in obsolescence infuriates me, but it's our governments that permit the market to evolve like this.

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