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Nokia 8 Microphone problem PLEASE HELP !


I got a issue with Nokia 8 what I believe is microphone issue. Its randomly happening whenever I pick up a phone call or I call somebody. They either cant hear me or they hear me really poorly and a strange loud noise is coming from my side.

What I observed so far:

- it is happening randomly (for ex. I called with my sister an hour ago and she said she cant hear me properly and there is a loud noise, when I called her back it repeated but when I called hear after 15 minutes our phone call was crystal clear)

- it looks like its not affecting videos, when I try camera it captures sound nicely

- it affects sound messages however (Messenger/Viber/Whatsapp) all are dead during these "anomalies" so they are working randomly too.

- I downloaded numerous microphone testing apps and they are always working (really strange)

- it is not a signal problem

So from what I observed it should be software issue rather than hardware issue (hopefully) and the problem is switching on and off randomly. Didnt saw anyone reporting this, found one guy on other forum reporting the same issue so I will link it here:

Any help is appreciated and hopefully this will be removed in future updates. 

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Same problem here.. don't know what to do..getting disturbance sounds only during calls..but it's fine when using earphones or loudspeaker mode.
I started having this same problem suddenly a few days ago. The stock camera app records a horrible noise on the video, just like there's a jet plane flying over. Recording with some other camera app does clean job. How is it, have you all replaced your devices?

First clear the storage (data/cache) in your phone app. So telephone/dialer/phone whichever is the app that manages your phone calls. This resolved it for me, with a soft reset done as well (volume up and power button for 10 seconds). It happened after I did a security update, no reason why but this fix did work.

I did erase all data and cache from the phone app and soft reset after that. Not working...

Out of desperation I plugged my headphones in the phone to just be able to speak to people.  The next day I removed and tested the mic again and gone is the problem.  I suspect it was just a mic setting got mixed up in die Operating System.

Hope this helps someone.

I just tested this by plugging in first my headphones and after that the stock handsfree. Not helping... It's kinda funny that people have had many different cures for the same issue..

Same thing here. My husband bought it from Best Buy just 7 days ago. And we want to return it. But they asked restocking fee 40$ when we bought it. We didn't pay. So is there a chance to return it? Nokia no good  anymore!!!

I am too facing the same issue. Strangely in my case, it started after I did a full reset of the phone. Thinking that this was a SIM issue, I contacted Vodafone. They replaced my SIM card and it worked somehow. A couple of days back, I re-formatted the phone, now the issue is back. I have also observed that using a headset may be a workaround to this issue. I think Nokia should come clean and tell the Customers where the exact issue lies. If there is a faulty hardware, they should at least replace it.  

Are you having this issue when recording video with stock camera app?

Same issue here, got it after Oreo too, my thoughts also sent me to a software problem, because it was after the update it started and after another update stoped, now is back again and is getting really anoying, no camera noise at all, it is just on calls, when i'm in a call and the other person doen't listen or get the noise i put it in "high voice" dont know if its the english term, and it works but i dont want everybody else listening to my conversations. since i broke my screen (not related this happen after the issue) i think i lost warranty, and i'm not going to spend money repairing/buying a new phone on a issue that may come back later, so "Nokia" can you please give some feedback about this issue, can it be fixed with a sofware update, or is it hardware?

Topic was 11 months ago, and now Nokia 8 still have this problem! 

 Bought my Nokia 8 3 months ago and it started to make wierd noises, when someones calling me or other way. Nokia used to be a good phone. Disapointed.

The last security update fixed this issue for me

I had reported this issue here almost a month ago. But I am no longer observing it on my phone. It got resolved automatically as far as I know, which is very weird. I did not make any change on the server. Today, there was a security update and I updated it. But as far as I can tell, the issue got resolved way earlier. So I am almost certain this is not related to the latest patch.

Just test to make a phone call yesterday and same problem here, then make a chat with nokia support, he recommend to make some test (like clear cache, safe mode, etc) but did nor solve the problem. Today I bring the unit to the local service centre, and she told me to exhange with the new one at the same store when I bougjt. And now everythink ok on my new unit, even after some update (last security update on october 1, 2018) I think this is really hardware failure
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