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Feature request - notifications from other sources in Glance

 Hello !

I would like to see notifications from other sources (Whatsapp, Viber, other mail apps, etc.) on Glance. At the moment, when we see notifications only from default sources (calls, default mail, SMS) Glance feature is not so useful.

Thank you in advance !

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Agree, we should be able to add sources. In Lumia, Lockscreen had 5 slots. Any app added in those slots, the notification used to show up in the Glance screen. Need similar functionality here.

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I agree.  I would like to be able to see calendar notifications and have them permanently visible as per my old Lumia 950 or Samsung.  It would also be helpful to be able to change the size of the existing notifications from a useless dot to something I can actually see with my 52 year old eyes!

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 I agree!

Definitely. Before my purchase I saw the lack of a notification LED, which I was fine with when I saw the Glance screen. Little did I know it doesn't support WhatsApp, which is the most used messaging app for me (and probably in my whole country). Hope we can get someone from the Nokia team to look into this.

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Agree with it.

Agree. Would be very useful. Pretty useless now. Especially with a missing led notification

 +Add Navigation keys show like led in others brands. Like sms for green, mail white etc.

Agree, this otherwise useful feature is rendered pointless by the lack of integration

Also agree. Had I known this before purchase I'd not have bothered. In fact there are enough things annoying me about this phone that I would return it if the 14 day exchange period at Carphone Warehouse hadn't already passed. Even this community support forum looks a bit like HMD can't be bothered making things work (why the hell am I 'user1509978997744' and not a name I choose? Where is the link to be able to do that? This forum looks like it was created 10 years ago and forgotten about. And forums. Who the hell uses them nowadays anyway?). To be honest, Glance is rubbish anyway and a notification LED would have been easier and more useful. I'm also finding that their supposedly almost pure Android doesn't work very well with the Fitbit app and a whole host of other little niggles. Even worse, my sister has bought one one because I did, even though I suggested she buy a Pixel 2. Beginning to wish I'd bought the Pixel 2 now, even with the lack of headphone socket and other annoyances.

What can Nokia do? Give us actual, pure Android. Forget the bullshit 'bothie' rubbish - no one cares anyway. Yes, they have tinkered with it very little but why bother at all? Make a decent handset with good specs at a sensible price point and give us pure, unadulterated Android (which is what I thought it was supposed to be), and people will flock to it. Most people hate the stupid vendor overlays that clag up most phones. I don't want pointless 'features' to distinguish a phone from another - it's a phone for christ's sake. I had high hopes for HMD and the revival of the Nokia brand. Won't be bothering again. In fact once my sim deal is up i might just sell that damn things and go back to taking a contract on something better.

I do not understand your complaint. I have both pixel 2 and Nokia 8 and I hardly can tell the difference in both the is and the speed, except for the obvious differences like Oreo not still there (the official update) and the camera app and any pixel exclusive features. But I like the ability to plug in any headphones and the expandable storage. So You would change annoyances for other annoyances... they have just added a couple of features that mostly are the glance and the camera app and nothing else. In all of android world this is what comes closer to android stock as possible. I like what they are doing here, the phone is also very well built and as the first attempt for Nokia under hmd is a very well refined one. Until now I have also experienced no bug whatsoever (I am with nougat), apps work well, everything is as snappy as it can be. And do not think the pixel 2 is deprived from any fault, hardware and software wise. Just let them receive our critics and suggestion, I am confident they will address them in future updates.
What don't you understand? It would have been a nicer experience and less trouble to provide pure, unadulterated android. The camera stuff is a gimmick and none of it actually works very well. I'm finding too many apps that work perfectly on a Nexus or Pixel device that just don't quite work on the Nokia. The glance screen is also a stupid gimmick harking back to old Nokia's but it's pointless if it won't work with the apps people want to use - the beauty of android is you don't have to use the stock messaging app or dialer or anything else. Notifications work with third party apps on other phones no problem so why not in the Nokia? If you're going to remove the simple and effective led notifier then you should make damn sure the replacement is actually useful.
Your comment is full of false statements. Android is completely stock except from glance and the camera app. The camera app works nicely as it should. The only gimmicky feature is bothie, don't use it. Also, the camera app is a must have 'cause any phone has a different camera configuration. Some have wide angles, some have monochrome sensors, some have dual phase focus etc. You need to optimise the camera for the hardware otherwise the results are subpar. And the camera on the Nokia 8 is excellent, as far as a phone camera can be. I told you I had the pixel 2 as well, it is not without annoyances or compromises. As well as gimmicky features (the gestures on the fingerprint sensor, they never work as expected). But you know what? Don't like a feature , don't use it. The only objective fault I can find to the Nokia 8 is the glance feature. It is not a replacement to notification led and it will never be. I actually didn't like it even on the pixel 2, it is annoying. However, a part from this, it is a very good phone with an experience that is comparable to that of a pixel, software wise. What are those app that do not work? I want to try them. As far as me, I could not find any app that misbehaved. All Google apps and services work like a charm, the main messaging app either, media consumption is fluent, split screen is lag-less (even watching a YouTube video while browsing the web or Google plus). Either we have different phones or I can't understand. Also, more often than not, when an app is misbehaving, the problem lies in the app itself, not in the system.
No false statements at all. You should be careful slinging around patronising accusations. The stock Google camera app works better than the Nokia one. Nokia's implementation of HDR is rubbish. Their panoramic mode is poor. The digital zoom is unusable. The focusing is poor and slow. Low light performance is well below where the lens' alleged capabilities are. So far it hasn't taken a single picture that is any better than my old Nexus 5x and often objectively worse. Apps wise, Fitbit doesn't work properly, nor does Reddit, PureGym and a bunch of others, mostly around notifications. All of them worked fine on a Nexus 5x on Oreo and even the 8.1.1 beta and I've seen them working fine on a Pixel 2. It's not about not using a feature, it's about the time and money wasted on pointless stuff that adds no value at all instead of getting the supposed flagship features working properly before launch. Maybe these will all be fixed in time, but they should be working now, not later.
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