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Cannot find form for request RollBack Android 7

I used Nokia 8 with Android 8 more a week.

Its performance is bad, it usually hang, slow.

I want to rollback Android 7.

However, i can't find form for request OTA to return Android 7.

Please help me.

 Same here. I would like to roll back to 7.1 as I found that firefox always hang and slow in oreo. Also, the sound of many game apps doesn't sync up to the visuals after update to this beta.

I remember that the beta lab webpage has "roll back via OTA" button before but disappeared now. Please help to push the rollback OTA for me also. Thanks.

They stop to deliver Oreo Beta or RollBack. All happening after the CEO message on Twitter: Juho Sarvikas's Tweet: We have well over 2000 #Nokia8 #nokiamobilebetalabs users! Thank you so much for your passion and great feedback. We've listened, we've taken action and we will soon roll out official #AndroidOreo release for everyone! For sure they will deliver in the next days or week first Oreo official. Or they ride the limit proposed for beta testers and they stop at 2000. I visit the page to request again to push me Oreo Beta but is not possible same as RollBack.

 I want rollback to android 7.

Android 8 is bad, it is usually lag, hang, slow..........

Please help me.

Unfortunately can't help you with your request, but I can add from my experience: Android 8.0 on Google Pixel C also lagged a lot. Looks like it is Android related, not device related... I.e. Chrome very often did not respond for 10-15 seconds while >5 tabs open. Got much better with latest Android 8.1 beta, but there are still some force closes, i.e. when using search bar in Android settings. Anyhow, I can recommend 8.1 as a daily driver. Hope that Nokia will deliver a well tested final 8.0 and 8.1 afterwards!




Thanks for your patience while we worked on this. The roll back option is now back on the webpage and you should be able to revert to Nougat without any problems. Just go to and scroll down to "Want to roll back?". Remember to read the instructions carefully first.. 


Have a great day! 

Anna (Moderator) 

Rollback isn't avaliable. There is no "Want to roll back"


Hi Anton Domarev!

Kindly contact our customer support and let them know the email you used to register to beta labs, as well as the IMEI of the device you validated upon registration. 

Many thanks,

Anna (Moderator)

Looking to roll back from Oreo as the wifi hotspot issue is rendering my phone useless but the button has vanished again :(

I don't think you can rollback to Nougat now since the beta for 8.1 has closed and if you had wanted to roll back it would have put you back onto the last stable release which would be Oreo 8.0. Out of all the firmwares for the Nokia 8 the Oreo 8.1 Beta has been the best release so far in terms of most things working as they should. Most of the annoying problems from previous releases have been resolved. The initial Nougat firmware I found to be very buggy and glitchy and no way would I go back to it. If you search around the forums here and on XDA I think somebody found a workaround for the WiFi hotspot issue you are having. It has something to do with what your network operator allows you to do in regard to this. Some allow it and some don't, the ones that don't I believe it was possible to change some of the settings to make it work, but in doing so you would lose internet access on your device. So before changing any of the settings they recommended, make a copy of them so you can restore them again.
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