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Security update

Hi I got my Nokia 6 through Amazon in India. But when I tried to update the android it doesn't show any security update. As of now the security update us on April 2017. When checked for update it doesn't show me anything. is there any way to check for an update?

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You should address this question to your cellular carrier. HMD Global filters access to OTA updates by carrier authorization. Either your carrier is slow on testing and authorization of OTA updates or it does not sell/support Nokia handsets at all. If latter is the case you'll never receive OTA updates. You have two options: 1) insert SIM of an appropriated carrier and check for updates; 2) install updates manually, you can google Nokia 6 OTA zip files on dev forums. Though note that monthly OTA updates are incremental rather than cumulative and should be applied one by one in chronological order. If you stuck in April you will need May, June, July, August, September, October OTA zip files. Updates for TA-1021, TA-1025, TA-1033, TA-1039 are the same.

Hi User, Thanks for the response. The above option said by you works if by Nokia 6 is a sim locked, but I bought this sim free and I guess Nokia should provide updates no matter what the carrier is. Moreover I got this mobile through Amazon and here in India Nokia 6 is available only in Amazon. Thanks Ravikiran

Does not matter whether your phone SIM-locked or not. The carrier you're using should authorize OTA update.

Contact support. In India, there are no carrier OTA approvals. Carriers are not in loop.
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