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I updated my phone yesterday evening to android 7.1.2. I fully charge my phone 'til 11pm. Then I set an alarm to 430am 'coz I have an important work to do. It's so annoying and so disappointing with "MISSING ALARM" notification EVERY MOST OF THE TIME. Not ALL the time, but MOST of the time even if you do the max volume. Alarm that so very helpful turns to useless crap. And go back to fully charge at 11pm. When I woke up 9am earlier, I check my phone and I notice my phone's battery drop to 78%, REAL QUICK, WITHOUT USING. Like what the, how could it be possible for a nokia brand? From 100% turns to 78% without using? MISSING ALARM:warning:BATTERY DRAINS FAST:warning:CAST/SCREEN MIRRORING:warning:MALFUNCTION. SUM UP WITH THE NOKIA3 BLACK SCREEN!!!:warning: A total disappointment for a first time user of nokia. I never recommend this brand. Just to be honest.

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I am getting same issues even experiencing few more
I am a Nokia fan. I ve had my Lumia 630 for years without any issues. Perfect Windows phone. Bought a Nokia 5 two days ago 'cause of obsoletion of windows phones. After the update to 7.1.2 yesterday - No More wifi. My home wifi remains visible but does not connect (whatever I try)
Battery draining ? Try to use battery saving mode. Restart your phone and disable apps that you are not using. Keep the battery saver mode turned on while you wish to keep your battery level constant until the next day. Hope this will help.
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