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Comparing Nexus 6P and Nokia 8 with Oreo

My Nexus 6P broke after 1.5 years of usage (battery drained, call quality really bad). Nexus 6P had Android 8.0.0 as well and I just loved it!

I chose the Nokia 8 because of the bare bone software that was up to date. Nokia 8 build quality seems to be really good as well, great work! The first thing I did with my new Nokia 8 was to install Android Oreo 8.0.0 through Beta Labs.

The greatest thing with Nexus 6P Oreo was the notification system. If there was for example a Telegram message, the phone would buzz and a faint blue screen would lite up for 10 seconds displaying a short summary of the message and the LED would start blinking.

This has been replaced with Nokia Glance which is IMHO totally useless. It displays calls, SMS messages and emails. The calls is the only working part of it, I don't use Android internal email client and who these days uses SMS for anything. After a few days I decided to just disable it because it was useless. Now the phone only buzzes when something happens, it will not light up any kind of signal about what happened. Please enable the same notification system the Nexus phones have! Also leaving the notification LED out of the phone was a bad decision, but I can live with it.

One strange thing I have noticed also compared to Nexus 6P, is when a receive a call and try to answer, I accidentally somehow fumble with the center button throwing me off the call screen. Then I have to unlock the phone and answer the phone call from the notification bar, if I can find the entry among 10 other notifications. This never happened with Nexus 6P.

The camera can be a bit sluggish when taking photos.

Overall I am really satisfied with all other aspects of the phone.

Henrik W


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