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Display colour temperature too blue - adjustment please

So I just got a Nokia 8 and I'm very impressed with it overall. One thing that stood out to me though which I'd read about before buying it was that the display is a little too much on the "blue" side in terms of white point.

If anyone at Nokia is reading this I'd like to ask if you'd consider adjusting the white point to be slightly less "blue" and generally slightly warmer. This article is unnecessarily harsh but it does show the issue:

I've seen multiple Nokia 8's now in stores and they are at least all consistently on the "blue" side when it comes to white point/colour temperature of the screen.

I'm hoping that with the Oreo update that's upcoming, that the colour temperature can be make less blue (only a slight adjustment is needed I think). Even better would be to include for customers a way of manually adjusting the colour temperature of the display like Huawei phones with a colour circle, although a more hardware level adjustment (outside of software) *and* a software slider for personal preference would be better I think if possible.

This would greatly help with the appeal of the phone as otherwise the display is great. Well, aside from the auto-brightness algorithm being a bit stuttery but that's another topic.

So please Nokia could you fix the blue tint on the display? 

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I just have only one comment on this: Please come back to the Phonearena topic and read the comments there. From my point of view, I don't trust in Phonearena reviewers, they're too biases.. 

Just come back to the topic and read the comments there. From my POV, I just don't like the Phonearena reviewers, they're too biases..


Did you solve the problem with the screen on Nokia 8? 

I completely agree with you about the blue colour. 

I really hope some kind of update can fix it.

Thanks in advance!

This could be very easily fixed if HMD/Nokia want to provide a comprehensive software feature set to the disapointingly basic and generic Nokia 8. This is how Blackberry provided the user option on my old Priv. I used to think of BlackBerry as being backward and lacking but HMD are winning that prize right now.image


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I had a blue tint problem with a nokia 8 bought last week. In Settings, accessibility, I found that an experimental Colour Correction Deuteranomaly (red-green) was switched on by default. Switching OFF solved the probblem. I hope it works for you.
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