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Rollback to original Nougat

Now that the Oreo beta program for Nokia 8 is ended, I would like to revert my phone to its original Nougat firmware. How do I do that? Is it enough to just reset to factory settings or do I have to somehow un-enroll from the beta program before resetting the phone? I tried pressing the "Unregister from beta labs" button on the same page where I enrolled to the program from, but that button click does not lead anywhere, just reload the page.

So what do I have to do to return to Nougat?

Thank you

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Thanks for your patience while we worked on this. The roll back option is now back on the webpage and you should be able to revert to Nougat without any problems. Just go to and scroll down to "Want to roll back?". Remember to read the instructions carefully first.. 


Have a great day! 

Anna (Moderator) 

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