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Constant apps crashing

Since I got the phone, every app I have installed always crashes. I hoped the update last month would have fixed the issue but nothing. The phone always runs slow and takes at least 10 to 20 seconds to respond to opening anything. Also, any video I've tried uploading to FB or Instagram, the audio track lags about halfway through. I got this phone because I have owned many Nokia Windows phones and never had issues but now, I regret buying this phone. Is anyone else having app crash issues or is it just me?

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I think I've got the same Problem. Each new app I'm installing is crashing. All the other Apps working well. I also updated the system, but the problem still exists. This is really annoying!

Could you fix it?

It's even worse now after the latest security update. Some apps won't even open anymore. The $80 LG-7 phone I bought at Walmart over a year ago runs faster and better than this phone that I paid £200 for. Highly dissatisfied and disappointed with this phone and with Nokia for not testing their new line of phones before releasing them. Should have kept the Sony experia I bought before getting this one.
Hi guys, I would try to completely reset phone through boot loader, maybe that will help...
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