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It's pretty well both inside and outside.

I noticed the specifications of Nokia 2 and they are quite impressive. The matter of nostalgia still works in me. On that point I am sure to buy it some times later. But one point keeps hitting me. Its the 1gb ram on the device which will surely lag during multitasking. I expect a new variant of Nokia 2 having 2gb ram. Please make such a variant, I request you.
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How are those specs even remotely impressive? With the exception of the 4100 mAh battery its got arguably one of the weakest spec sheets of possibly any phone currently on the market.

Also, if you want 2GB of RAM, just buy a Nokia 3 or higher. Their not going to create a 2GB variant of the same phone when there's another one with the same amount of RAM within the same price range.

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