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No blue light filter/night light

Blue light filter/ night light is must have feature to avoid strain to your eyes while using smartphone at low light or at night. It's available for Iphones , Samsung phones and even pixel phones and many other smartphones. It's missing in Nokia 8. It's really straining my eyes.. Nokia - pls provide this feature in next update.

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I agree but in the meantime you can download app Blue Light Filter
IT Will come with oero update. The beta has IT build in

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I know. I had this problem too, but the update to Oreo will bring it to us.

The Oreo beta has this feature, so it's coming as soon as a stable release of Oreo is pushed, which should be very soon.
Does anyone know how close Oreo really is?

Oreo is out. Installed. And this feature is present. Cheerio! 

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