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Caller can't hear me during phone calls

Hi, I got into an issue that my microphone is not working during calls but it's working fine with Google assistant. People in the other side couldn't hear me but I can hear them. But this is not an issue anymore at speaker mode or when I am using a headset. Also the issue is avoidable when I cover the phone with hand and talk during the call or if I directly talk through the microphone by placing the phone horizontally near the mouth. Is it hardware issue or a software issue? Any help!

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Had similiar problem with my Nokia 8, more info here:

For past few days its working after hard reset, but voice messages are still randomly not-working.

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Facing the same issue

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I am Also having the same Microphone issue while calling and I have Nokia 6.1 plus

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what the f.. ? they didnt fixed it new phones ? 

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I am having the same problem, bought nokia x6 6gb yesterday . So frustrated.  F**k Nokia. God blast you

I am having the same issue in Nokia 6.1 plus ; what is the use of buying this phone if it is unable to do the basic work that phone has to do

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hi, even Iam facing the same issue, please help me to get this issue resolved.

This is basic use/functionality of phone and it needs to be fixed by NOKIA ASAP

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Actually there are two mics, the bottom one is primary and the top one is secondary. Often people (including me) have problem with primary mic. Nokia sucks.

i am also facing same problem, 

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I'm also facing this issue. Bought 6.1plus 5days back. Most of the time both me and the receiver won't be able to hear what the other is speaking. Tried with both my 2 SIM cards. This issue never happened with my old Moto G3. Made a rqst for a replacement, they instructed some troubleshooting. But prob still exists. Is this a hardware issue or will get sorted in the upcoming updates??
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