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VoIP/SIP supported by phone app?

Hi community, I decide if I will buy a Nokia 8. Is it possible to enter SIP accounts in settings of phone app in order to make use of VoIP calls? With Android 7? With Android Oreo beta? I ask because some manufacturers do not include the SIP module of Android into their ROM. Pls. note that I don't talk about VoLTE or WiFi Calling, which must be supported by mobile network operator. Thanks in advance for your replies!


I'm still on the stock 7.1.1 ROM and I can not see any SIP settings on my phone.

However I'm using an app called Zoiper on my Nokia 8 and it works fine with my SIP provider for making and receiving calls

Since I got my new Nokia 8 now, I can prove that SIP accounts are available.

Open Phone app and go to Settings --> Accounts --> SIP-Accounts 

What about sound quality? I'm on 7+ and the SIP voice call quality is horribly choppy =(

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