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Poor quality phone Heavly Priced.

 i bought a nokia 8 in 5th nov it was not working since today morning the service center is not providing replacement. how can i accept a high phone repaired on the  8th day....

Buddy you are thinking of getting it repaired on the 8th day. I already got it repaired once. And I am facing a problem again. 

Pathetic phone. 

 I am really sorry about this, but I have to agree. The fact that the Nokia 8 was more expensive to buy than the Samsung S8 was not a problem to me. I don't like Samsung, so what the hell. But the Nokia 8 has been a big disappointment. The camera is below average. The fingerprint sensor is way too sensitive. Worst of all are the compatibility issues. It has problems getting a steady bluetooth connection to the media system in my car and what is even more ridiculous is the fact that it can not handle Android Auto (on screen buttons disappeared, making calls was impossible). How is that even possible with a near-stock Android system?

So I had to let the Nokia 8 go. Brought it back to the shop after a few days. Too bad. I bought a Huawei P10 plus instead, which works surprisingly well and has a really great Leica camera setup.

Sorry Nokia.Better luck next time.


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