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Worst Phone Ever Bought

I always had a deep trust in Nokia and I bought Nokia 8 on the first day. I am regretting for having done so.

Initially I faced heating issue on using simple apps like WhatsApp and the battery life was poor. I wasn't even using any heavy gaming apps.

Contacted the customer care and a pickup was arranged. My phone was taken and then it remained lost for 7 days with no one having a clue about where it was. Finally I received a call that it had reached the service center on the 8th day and got it back on the 10th day. The heating problem appeared to have been solved and the battery backup too was good.


Now it gets super heated just in clicking 10-15 pics. And the live "bokeh" mode is completely gone from my phone. No matter how much I increase the scale to get better blur effect, the pics come out without any depth effect. Plus, the phone gets super heated near the camera in just 2-3 pics if I try clicking in "bokeh" mode.


Worst phone I have ever purchased !!!

Please tell me how to return the phone and get refund for the same. There is a limit to having issues with a newly bought phone. 

Have you tried oreo beta on ur phone?

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I'd ask for a replacement as it's obviously faulty. I can't even make mine get warm no matter what I throw at it.

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I would also like a refund for this phone
It's obviously a fault, I cannot get mine warm no matter what I do. And the battery is phenomenal.

I agree with mutchst2 and Simo, its likely a fault. I did some gaming on my Nokia 8 without the case to see if it started heating up, and whilst it did seem to warm just a tad up near the top half of the phone, it otherwise remained nice and cool.

Try seeing about getting an exchange for a total replacement/a new unit. Hopefully that'll fix your issue.

i would get it back to where you bought this from, i have owned the phone just over two weeks and had no problems at all. this device seems to be a really bad one

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