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Hissing or buzzing noise while playing a video or if a speaker is speaking in a video

Hello guys, Has anyone faced an issue in their Nokia 8 wherein at times when we play a video on FB or YouTube, there's a constant hissing or a sudden buzzing noise with or without the earphones. If anyone has a fix for it, please let me know?? It's really bad to see that the Nokia which I once knew had rocked the market with their noise and now the same sound is very low and the hissing sound is very annoying that too from a high-end device which costs almost 40k. Thanks in advance!

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A sound which is too loud will cause hissing and buzzing. Try to lower down your handphone volume to minimize the distortion of sound. Hope this helps.
No you're wrong. Problem still persists. This is not what anyone expects when they're purchasing a 40k piece!!!! Regardless of whatever the volume the audio/video is, the device should play fine and not be faulty. Such an expensive device and Nokia is not even doing anything about it? Just concerned about the business which is actually run because of their customers!! I hope an OTA software update fixes this!
Hold on a second , I am believing that your Nokia 8 had something wrong within the software. If hissing still exist even with earphone plug in. Then my advice to you is faster go to the shop you bought your Nokia 8 from and ask the staff for new phone replacement. Nokia 8 beats other brand in a YouTube comparison. So to put a fair comment with Nokia 8 at its true potential. You should replace your Nokia 8 with a new Nokia 8.
I wish I could've. I purchased the product from Amazon and the time limit to return the product is over. And speaking about the services in India. Go to any Nokia shop, I know very well what the consequences are going to be. I don't want to keep going back and forth for the product's replacement and waste my time.
Oh, sound like you are saying Nokia service in India is very bad. Well regarding this it is depends on the worker quality . However, it is very sad to hear that the period for refund on amazon for your Nokia 8 is over . But there is one last hope. NokiA Care. To restore your Nokia 8 to perform as well as the Nokia 8 you see on YouTube. You should give nokia care one last try. That the best I can help you so far. Take Nokia care and give it another try . Good luck and all the best. Regards.
Open up Support apps in your Nokia phone , select nearest care center. You will Maps pop out , then you key in the word India. You will see a list of Nokia care in India. There 100 Nokia CAre in India . From what I see. Do you think my info helped you?

I had a similar problem on Nokia 3, from the first days. To my regret, I did not attach importance and the phone was not spoiled. I had to send a phone to a service center in another city through a friend. The service center simply dropped the settings, and reported that the problem was not being monitored, and the problem reappeared after the update. I will continue to communicate with Nokia technical support, let's see what I can achieve.У меня была похожая проблема на nokia 3, с первых дней. К моему сожалению, я не придал значения, а телефон не был испорчен. Мне пришлось отправить телефон в сервисный центр в другом городе через знакомых. Сервисный центр просто сбросил настройки, и сообщил, что проблема не контролируется, и проблема появилась после обновления. Я буду продолжать общаться с Nokia техническая поддержка, давайте посмотрим, что я смогу достичь.

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Noticing the same issue - the speaker background hiss starts as soon as the phone plays any sound and it keeps hissing on for a couple seconds after the sound stops playing
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