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Unresponsive touchscreen

My Nokia 8's touchscreen is unresponsive when laid flat on a table, I have to hold the phone with two hands for it to be working, if I just touch the body of the the phone with the tip of my finger it works perfectly. All my other phones don't do that!

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Please help/fix!

the issue you're describing, is very common, unfortunately.

are you using a screen protection? glass or plastic?

@abecedario do you have a Nokia 8? Does it happen with you too? I'm using a temperd glass screen protector.
Look at here: Yes, I've a Nokia 8 and I've the same issue, me and others guys all' over the world

 I meet same issue.

I use temperd glass screen protector.

When i hold it by hand, it is normally.

This issue is really irritating!
Well I find the touchscreen responsiveness of my phone woefully inadequate. Nothing like this came up in any of the reviews I'd seen. Sometimes I have to physically press hard for the screen to finally respond. Touch responsiveness is not the only problem either, but the accuracy is off too most times. And I have pretty small and nimble digits. I came to this phone from an S5 galaxy. I love the ram and the 835 Snapdragon, but the rest of the phone and the user experience is a major let down. I'd love to support Nokia making their comeback, but the issues are too much to ignore.
Touchscreen doesnt work anymore even after reboot... I have no screen protector...
Can HMD please respond? This is annoying to sit with this problem.

one month ago I replaced the protective glass film with a plastic one (brand Dipos, Germany, already successfully used years ago with Nokia 1520): the phone now responds correctly to the inputs on the screen, no more false commands as before with the glass film.

I found this good situation both with nougat and now with oreo.

I removed the Tuvluv glass screen cover and the phone is fine without. Will look into a soft cover, which has become very scarce nowadays.

abecedario, there seems to be different kind of plastic screen protectors from Dipos in Which model worked for you? 9H plastic glass or some other model?

Jarnos, I've bought this one, I hope to be able to upload the image. I've bought it on ebay at a lower prize than amazon (incredible but true, sometimes it happens!)


For those blaming nokia, you should be blaming the low quality tempered glasses. Make sure your screen protector has little dots to stick to the screen. Bought one on gear best and works flawlessly for my nokia 6.
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