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Will Oreo Beta Testers Receive The Official Oreo

Hello, Please I enrolled into the Oreo Beta and I want to know if I will also receive the official Oreo despite using its Beta version or do I have to roll back to Nougat in order to be able to receive the Oreo. Also, can being an Oreo Beta Tester Prevent me from receiving the November Android Security Patch Level Update? Thanks.

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Hi conqueror,

Thanks for taking part in beta labs! You don't have to roll back to Nougat to receive the official Oreo update, nor does being part of the beta program prevent you from receiving security patches.

Hope this helps, have a great day!
Anna (Moderator)

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can i use it back? download the android beta again?


Hi genn raynn,

Thank you for your interest in beta labs. At the moment there's no beta software available. :)

Have a great day!

Anna (Moderator) 

November Update is out but not available for me. Is it because of on Oreo beta?
I've not received a Nov security update on the Oreo Beta either, I'm not sure anyone has from browsing these forums and elsewhere. Let's hope a stable release is pushed soon. Although I can't say I've had any serious issues with the beta, it's been pretty stable for me.

The stable release became available to me a moment ago, downloading 8.0 Oreo V4.35J now. Size is 1518.1MB.

I am downloading the official one as well :-)

It has for me as well, need to wait until I have a decent WiFi connection to download though.
Same camera app :(
Are there others, who hasn't received the stable Oreo version either? I seem to be stuck on beta with the security patch from October 5th. My device is TA-1004 with Telenor DK.

I contacted Nokia support, but weren't provided any real information, just asked to be patient (even considering the lacking patch for the KRACK WiFi Flaw).

So I'm still wondering if anyone else are stuck with Oreo beta and the October security patches.

What carrier / mobile network are you on?

I've posted an article about what I have managed to find out through researching across Nokia, XDA and Reddit. I think Oreo is available on Vodafone in most countries atm if you have a Vodafone SIM?


Thanks for your swift response!

I'm currently on Telenor (Denmark).

I've tried to remove the SIM card and manually check for updates (including clearing the Carrier Services etc.), no luck though.

I'll try another Danish SIM (Telmore) and post my results.

Thanks again

Unfortunately clearing the GSF (Google Services Framework) only works for those on a carrier who has already approved it for release. VPN is also hit and miss, I only had luck in using it to get the December update from Germany.
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