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Any idea where I can buy a spare charger for my Nokia 8 (UK)? The stores that stock the phone don't supply them and Nokia customer services tell me 'that they have no information about the availability of accessories'.

Can we order through Nokia or can we expect retailers to start stocking them. Surely you ensure availability of basic accessories  when you put a new phone in the market?

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I agree that Nokia should stock and supply these.

However if you need one urgently I'd suggest buying any Quick Charge 3.0 charger that has the same DC output voltage and current rating. The charger units are normally fairly standardised so this should be a very low risk thing to do.

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bro my nokia 3 is not charging perfectly when i plugge it into socket and charge become 100% tje will past 9 hours to charge and when i use it it battery will quickly low and lowing so quickly so please how can i reaper it please answe me
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