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Phone Speaker is not working

My Nokia 6 speaker isnt working I cheked all the settings .
but speaer still stucks

Yes same problem my nokia 6 speaker bottom is not working .. what happen and how to fix couse im buy my nokia in 2 weeks a go
in my case, when the volume is low, from the lower speaker, an annoying noise is heard and it does not have a clean sound.
the sound volume I gave my initial hard give me the medium volume is all still normal after I give the loud volume of speakers the bottom speaker suddenly lost, how to fix it
Have any solution for this problem .. i try to resset my phone but is still not working

faced the same issue, when i checked with support team they told to visit nokia center, got my phone back after a week. Problem solved


In my phone I can hear notification sounds but I can't listen to music or make phone calls!

My Nokia 6 speaker isn't working I checked all the settings . but speaker still no working please sir answer me . What I do sir for that
Same here yesterday the dual stereo speaker does not working only upper speaker work.
My Nokia 6 only 5months i used this .so very dissapointing by nokia.
My Nokia 6 only 5months i used this .so very dissapointing by nokia.i tap the speaker in my finger the sound has came but it back to no sounds.

I have the same problem with Nokia 6. Less than a month since I bought the phone. Last night, my phone worked normally. This morning I got up and the speakers on the phone no longer work. Not the ringing, nor when I want to talk to someone. The "Ring volume" menu is increased almost to the end but is in gray (disabled).

My nokia 6 bottom speaker is not working i cant leasten to music by loud speaker. Or i cant make calls in speaker more.. Why is this i checked for setting and also upgraded the software... Tried switching off and reboot several times. But still not fixes please let me know what to do...

Tech Wizard

Claim the warranty, send for repair ...

Dear All

Does only the speaker bottom is not working?

Thank you very much

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