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OTA update issues

Hi, I from India and I have Nokia device is stuck with April security patch...and not getting OTA update after visiting service one can hear our hectic issue frnds...last night I have contacted Amazon customer care they gave me a resolution about replacement policy of my device..... they told me if I send a screenshot of service denied letter to them they will replace my device....but problems is that HMD/ Nokia team they refused to give the service denied letter......... if they can't fixed this issue then provide me service denied letter...

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I m also facing this problem

same here

The TA-1039 version, sold in Chile, goes in the September security patch!
I have the Nokia 6 TA-1025 and mine got stuck with the June patch. I'm from Guatemala and there's no Nokia office.
Same issue for me..No updates after April

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What liars Nokia! I do not know how to care about your customers and give a solution. disappoint

Mike. Your carrier has not authorized OTA updates, so the only way to update your phone is to put a SIM of carrier which authorized OTA updates or manual update.

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usuario15094452733556 And where do I find the official updates for the Nokia 6 TA-1025? Since June is not updated.
Unlike Google HMD Global does not provide an official way to download Nokia OTA updates and ROM images directly.
Todavía no han encontrado solución? I have the same problem from Venezuela!
Same problem facing all indian Nokia 6 user. But according to juho sir this weak we get OTA update
Those people who are not able to update do the following steps 1. Go the play store check settings check if the phone is certified 2. If it’s not certified or you are stuck on old update take the phone the to the nearest service center of Nokia ask the service center representative to do software update and certify the phone 3. If you are stuck on old service update remove the SIM card reboot and connect to the WiFi and update the phone Cheers Nokia user
In Guatemala there is no service center Nokia -.- my cell phone is certified and since the SIM and nothing. the cell phone with SIM or without it does not update. : /
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