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November Security patch

Did anyone received the November Security patch.I saw it is released but not Available on Nokia 6 TA-1021.

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Also still waiting.

Just installed like 5 mins ago. TA-1033 OTA O2 UK.

Just checked again after seeing monkehfu's post. Installing right now on TA-1021

On AIS in Thailand

Yes i received
Received 1hour ago on WIND Greece, TA1033.
TA 1033 ss, received few minutes ago. Serbia. Nokia / HMD is the best!

 updated TA-1033 ota on EE  UK this morning, all good :)

Got the update on TA-1033 using Tesco Mobile in the UK.

Thanks Nokia - keep 'em coming !!!

Got the update november this morning in The Netherlands, provider Lycamobile (KPN network), TA-1033.

Yeah...also received the update.TA-1021
November update received yesterday, TA-1033 on EE UK. Well done HMD 
My mobile ta 1003 want update
When update ta1003
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