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Bug List for Nokia 3310 3G

A list of the bugs I've found:

  • If you back out of the Stopwatch, it stops. The other timer features don't do that.
  • Volume keeps going back to 5 after being set to 1 the previous day.

Other things:
  • Having to click three buttons (instead of two) to unlock is cumbersome.
  • Finding contacts using T9 (the default setting) is very annoying.
  • Once you open a game, you can't uninstall it later.
  • You can set favorite FM stations [1-9], but you can't recall them using the number pad.

System Info

Model: TA-1036

Carrier: T-Mobile


OS version:  MOCOR_W17.35.5_Release

Firmware number: sc7701_barphone

Hardware number: 1BD5A4 DBU


Reset with factory defaults

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I figured out what causes my volume to go up to five (5) all the time. It happens when I plug in headphones.

Hi Matt, thanks for starting this. I wanted to add my bug/complaint and see if anyone else is encountering it - basically I'm adding words to the T9 dictionary but then I lose them again if I turn the phone off. 

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Confirmed that T9 is not saving new words after restart.

Steps to reproduce:

1) Add a new word to T9.

2) Turn phone off and back on again.

Observe The new word is missing.

 T9 seems to be forgetting my words every few days even when the phone isn't turned off...

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My 3310 3g has been having issues not receiving SMS messages. Started about a week after I got the phone. Installed a new SIM and it worked fine for a couple of weeks and now it's back to not receiving texts. When I install the SIM in an old phone then all the missing texts are received. T-Mobile suggests that the problem is with the phone.

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Hi, I am also having the issue receiving texts. In my case, the texts will just stop. Eventually, hours later or the next day they will all flood in. During this time, I can send texts out but they won't come in. 

When this happens, a few times I've removed the SIM and put into a different phone. The texts are immediately delivered to the alternate phone. 

It seems this problem has gotten worse (it seems to be happening more often now). 

Hi, Greg - Thank you, I will give that a try :)

Can't turn on predictive texting in messages Does not communicate properly with Car Kit via blue tooth. 2016 VW Jetta, errors trying to import contacts, doesn't give battery strength. Can make or receive calls via car kit. Car kit worked fine for Nokia 6500 classic
If you turn phone off and go to the music player it has to find all the music again.

  For some reason predictive texting is now working. I have no idea why. Instructions definitely still wrong

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