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Nokia 2 is built well struggles to manage ram and storage

I am a genuine lover of Nokia phones. I am overall impressed by Nokia 2 and would like to buy it sometimes after. I would like to draw the point that the device Nokia 2 is built strong and we'll at a budget price. The camera is also a masterpiece from Carl Zeiss. The battery is also a giant. But it is receiving comments that it uses a "primitive hardware " from critics. Many are saying there is nothing good to buy it. I am disheartened at these poor reviews. It will compete against redmi 4a or moto e in India whereas it's ram of 1gb and rom of 8gb and Snapdragon 212 is not for a smooth working. I would like to request you for a 2gb ram and 16gb rom and a better Snapdragon (425) variant of the phone. You may have a new price tag but Please I don't want Nokia to get lost before another brand. Don't let you down Nokia. You have to remain the best. Always with you. ##loveyounokia

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Hi there, If you would like to buy it, Just buy it for the 4100mah battery and consider it as backup phone, Do not expect a hilarious performance, The building quality is awesome too, I have bought 2 pieces from it and i do have Nokia 3, 5 ,6 and I am satisfied from Nokia's 2 building quality and the battery lasts for a day and half on heavy usage.

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But can I expect average performance from it? Or is it below average? Can I run a 400-500mb game smoothly on it at only one app running at a time? How is multitasking on it with 2-3 apps? Can it satisfies the need of fluidity in it?

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I will be honest with you, no company in the world listened to its clients to build a customized smart phone by customer needs, its all about cost, I do recommend Nokia 6 until now between other budget devices, for Nokia 2 its lacking many things and as you mentioned, its powered by an entry level weak processor from Qualcomm and 1GB of ram and 8GB storage in 2017! so you will get what you are paying for.

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Actually no, It will lag and a lot of bugs in the Android OS, No updates until now and I am wondering how it will perform on Android Oreo!

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But I need a phone that's charge lasts long and provides safe and secure Android at a budget price. Will they listen me if I request them for a 2gb variant? They made Nokia 3310 3g on request. Will they listen me?

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I hope so, I wanted to recommend you Nokia 3 if you are on budget but it will not satisfy your needs since it has 3000mAh battery and powered by a quad core mediatek processor, Nokia 2 is the only device from Nokia who has 4200mAh battery, Despite being equipped with weak hardware such as the processor and the ram and the storage, Nothing is perfect!

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Please tell me the standby time of Nokia 2. I regularly use smartphone for an hour. On that respect for what time the battery will alive?

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Hello Aniruddha,

I did some digging for you and found an article (specifically this one) stating the N2 has near 58 days standby time, or if you being used frequently (or possibly quite heavily) "19 hours of talking, 139 hours of music playback, or 14 hours video playback."

So if your concern is purely this thing lasting a long time, I think you can relax. However, to your concerns about fast performance, whilst I cannot say for certain since I don't have an N2 myself so I can't test it, I think I could safely say just by looking at the spec sheets that you're not going to get amazing performance. I think its safe assume it isn't designed for that. 

Whilst Im sure it will run smoothly doing the most basic stuff like phone calls, beyond that don't expect anything outstanding. Like muhannadsalhab said, "its powered by an entry level weak processor from Qualcomm and 1GB of ram ... so you will get what you are paying for."

Can I ask, whats your biggest concern here exactly? Is it smooth performance and/or good hardware, battery life, or budget?

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Hey guys, Sorry for being late to respond to your questions, Actually the battery life is good after using it for about 2 weeks and the standby time is good too, Again, If you want to buy it, Just buy it as a backup phone for your daily basis use such as: Whatsapp and any other light app, It can't handle heavy apps smoothly, Disable unnecessary google apps once you buy it and adjust the display's animations to .5x from developer's option to have the fastest experience.

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I really hope that Nokia allows us to unlock the bootloader in the near future to install a custom ROM and Recovery such as TWRP recovery and Lineage or Viper OS, I love this phone and the building quality is amazing too.

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You know the bootloader can be unlocked in the developer options right? You don't even need dev. options themselves activated, just click the option marked "OEM Bootloader" near the top of the menu  to toggle it and open it up. It does disable device protection features according to the warning though, so be careful with it.

You're welcome.

Nokia 2 is the latest mobile of the company which was launched in India in October 2017. Nokia 2 is the best mobile with 5.0-inch HD LTPS capacitive touchscreen (720x1280 pixels) display. The smartphone has been powered by a 1.3GHz Quad-core processor with 1GB of RAM. It operates on the Android v7.1.1 Nougat operating system etc


But according to the users, this rate of mobile should have 2 GB RAM instead of 1GB of RAM because another company are providing mobiles with good specification at a lower rate than this.

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Hey Mr paradoxa, I am an ordinary user with ordinary demand for specs in smartphone such as a long lasting battery, premium outlook and a moderate hardware to play my big games properly and lag freely. And rumours say that the 2gb variant is coming soon. ##waitingforit

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And please tell me what is bootloader and it's utility and functions.
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