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Nokia 2 is built well struggles to manage ram and storage

I am a genuine lover of Nokia phones. I am overall impressed by Nokia 2 and would like to buy it sometimes after. I would like to draw the point that the device Nokia 2 is built strong and we'll at a budget price. The camera is also a masterpiece from Carl Zeiss. The battery is also a giant. But it is receiving comments that it uses a "primitive hardware " from critics. Many are saying there is nothing good to buy it. I am disheartened at these poor reviews. It will compete against redmi 4a or moto e in India whereas it's ram of 1gb and rom of 8gb and Snapdragon 212 is not for a smooth working. I would like to request you for a 2gb ram and 16gb rom and a better Snapdragon (425) variant of the phone. You may have a new price tag but Please I don't want Nokia to get lost before another brand. Don't let you down Nokia. You have to remain the best. Always with you. ##loveyounokia

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You cannot unlock the boot-loader for the meantime, and there's no custom roms and custom recoveries available too, as mentioned in the news, Nokia is considering our demand for having the option to unlock the boot loader, waiting for it!

Bloody forum moderation seems to have caught/ left one of my comments in the Void again...


Anyways, Aniruddha.

To your point on what you want from your phone. With the Nokia 2 you'll certainly have the battery life, but as for good hardware, even with the 2GB of RAM variant that may be upcoming, you'll be unlikely to have the good enough specs you want to play "big games" (can you please clarify what sort of games you intend to play?) on this phone.


2GB of RAM is all well and good and might do well enough, but its SoC is a Quadcore Snapdragon 212, geared for efficiency and not being power hungry, not for high or likely even moderate performance. If you intend to game on your phone, personally I see it as unlikely that the Nokia 2 will do the trick.


If you want to game, you'd probably do better with looking at the Nokia 5, 6, or 8 variants (or the Nokia 7 if its available in your region. Its a trick one to find that phone.) The battery capacity is smaller, around 3000 mAh for those phones instead of 4100 mAh but you could easily be able to last a day, maybe more if your smart about how heavily you use it. Android Oreo should be able to help with that. 


Its also worth noting you'll get more in-built storage from a higher end model, and if by "big games" you're talking in part or wholly about games needing alot of storage, then a bigger model will let you hold more games and their files without needing a MicroSD card.


Oh, and to your question about the bootloader. Its a security measure for just about any device that does computing that helps verify anything running on the device and also helps the hardware find whatever it needs to let the device bootup. (Note, this is a simplified explanation. If you want more details, I suggest you to read this article here from Android Central.)


Hope all this info helps. Good luck getting a phone that can fulfil your requirements.


You can unlock the bootloader. Look in the developer options section, its there!

Unless there's some other/extra steps that need be taken before or after toggling the "OEM Unlocking" option, all you seem to need to do is press the button, enter your pin, tap Enable and its open.


I know that you can allow OEM unlocking from developer options, but when you go to fastboot mode or download mode on Nokia's main boot loader and you try to unlock it by this command (fastboot oem unlock), it stuck on the command and no action were taken even if you did everything right, enabled usb debugging mode and installed usb drivers correctly but there is no use, please note that this function is blocked by nokia and they are discussing it until now and maybe we won't have an option to unlock nokia's smart phones boot loader, I am a developer and i got to say, until now nothing beats Motorola and HTC in development and custom roms so i hope that nokia listens to us and allow us to unlock the boot loader cause i will not get stuck on a stock rom on a weak specs device such as nokia 2 and I am looking forward  to unlock the boot loader on my other nokia devices such as nokia 3, 5 ,6.

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I can't say I am surprised, but I thought I'd ask and see what they say. Here's an email and the response I received.

Hello, Before I order the 8, I'd like to know if you provide the means / process to unlock the bootloader for your devices. I typically run stock Android, which I know you provide, but occasionally like to run custom ROM's as well. An unlocked bootloader will allow flexibility, and providing the ability to unlock will gain you a following in the modding community. Thanks!

Regarding your inquiry about the bootloader unlock for the Nokia 8, please be informed that we may not provide this information. 
Additionally, please note that unlocking the bootloader for the device will void the warranty and we therefore do not recommend it.
If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us again.

Best regards,
Nokia Mobile Care team

Oh, so that first comment did appear? I thought it had gotten lost. 

I think I'll remove it now since the 2nd version had better formatting.


Ah, so there's slightly different bootloaders/ways of unlocking the bootloader? Sorry, I didn't realise that, I thought there was just the one version and that it was missed that there you could unlock it in the Dev. Options section. My mistake. Good luck getting the one you want opened up.

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Myself, i'm pretty much a casual user and I think most people are, they just over inflate their reliance on speed, RAM, etc. and have been convinced by the industry and various forms of media that they just must have the newest & fastest phone. In all truth, each next year phone has relatively small changes from previous years and to see any actual step up in performance, you have to wait 2 -4 years. To be truthful, I have always hated Nokia phones, sorry to say it here, but it was because of their lack of embracing a "simplistic" smartphone market. While everyone else moved on they stayed with a native "nokia" only operating system, that was basic and not efficient. I recently bought a Nokia 2 for a gift and it was so cheap for a good looking phone that I tried one for myself.....really like it (not crazy about newest android version though, but that's not phones fault).....only 1 problem with WIFI that I've made a post about asking for help. Can see myself buying another Nokia some day, as long as they stay with this business mindset, Congrats Nokia you finally moved into the right century (sorry for sarcasm).....

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We all do love Nokia and that's why we are here in this community, but they should know also that allowing users to unlock their phone's bootloader is a must, I own the device, so they should let us be free to install whatever we want and make changes on it, I am a developer and I do not want to get stuck on their stock firmware, I can make the device even better with some major tweaks, Nokia should proceed in smartphone's game alongside its competitors, 90% of smartphone's makers are allowing their users to unlock the bootloader, In my personal opinion: If Nokia won't let their users (Developers) tweak their own devices, they won't be able to continue in the near future and they will end up repeating their major ex problem which is (Didn't Change), Thanks!

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I've been using this as my daily driver after I broke the screen on my four year old Sony. It's definitely very well built. The lag is however is unbelievable to say the least. My apps are constantly crashing. I've managed to tweak a few things here and there to manage space but the RAM is just impossible. I'm really waiting for the Oreo 8.1 update but, right now, I'm missing my Sony. :(
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