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Bokeh effect in "photos" unavailable

Hello. I have seen people talk about it. I have also watched YouTube videos showing it. Open "photos" app, hit edit and choose "bokeh editor" to adjust the bokeh effect. Problem is, I don't seem to have this "bokeh editor" installed. How come? where is it? (Using Oreo beta atm, but I'm not sure I had it Nougat)

Its some of the bugs i oreo beta. In nougat you have IT .
Thanks. So I'm not the only one. Nougat I can't remember really. The app itself is indeed installed (options, apps, system apps) but neither checking or resetting any options in there helped. So I'm hoping for final Oreo release then. Thanks!

Hi Felix33615,

do I understand correctly that you are referring to photos taken with the "portrait" mode in the 8's default camera app?

It's a known issue with the Oreo beta, it works fine with Nougat 7.1.1, hopefully be fixed in the stable release which I believe should be very soon seeing as the beta testing is now complete.
Photos first have to be taken with bokeh effect. But the both editor doesn't really work after the picture has been processed.
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