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Camera And USB

I have updated my Nokia8 in oreo beta and problem started. Camera is not focusing in video mode. When i connect with USB In Laptop phone starts work slowly. Even after visited at SVC no result. They downgrade to nogut but when i connect with my wifi it's again updated in oreo . Need a solution fast.

Just to clarify, you downgraded to Nougat but still received an upgrade to Oreo beta? Did you unregister from the beta program?

I have visited at Service Center they only downgrade the OS in Nogut . Also they didn't informed to me that i have to unregister from Beta Lab. 


Hi user1501762462102,

The care center will not be able to roll you back in the appropriate way for beta labs. 

To roll back, you can simply go to, scroll down to "Want to roll-back?", then select "Roll back via OTA". Remember to read the instructions before you request the roll-back. 

You do not have to unregister from beta labs to revert back to Nougat. 

Hope this helps.

Have a great day! 

Anna (Moderator) 

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